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  • Angeli FitchAngeli Fitch
    des : A native of the US, Angeli's voice is confident, clear and very engaging' She's great for everything from commercial to corporate to documentary and works from her own professional studio'
  • Jo DysonJo Dyson
    des : Joanne has a beautifully clear, fresh, engaging voice with a natural talent for both commercial and documentary delivery'
  • Perdita LawtonPerdita Lawton
  • Rebecca TraversRebecca Travers
    des : Rebecca has a lovely soft, musical voice that is warm and friendly and great for a younger target market'
  • Ruth RedmanRuth Redman
    des : Ruth has a wonderfully clear voice that is light, very easy on the ear and relaxing to listen to' She has a lovely warm tone with natural RP and her delivery is natural and reassuring'
  • Lucy CuddenLucy Cudden
    des : Lucy has a smooth, sophisticated voice with natural warmth and energy' She can sound super sexy or girl next door and her delivery is beautifully clear and unforced'
  • Lucinda LloydLucinda Lloyd
    des : Lucinda has a beautifully rich velvety voice and delivers with precision and wonderful clarity' If you're looking for a sophisticated and classic voice, then look no further'
  • Lily HowkinsLily Howkins
    des : Lily has a refreshingly cool and gentle tone with a crystal clear delivery' Her voice is extremely inviting, engaging the listener immediately'
  • Lexie McDougallLexie McDougall
    des : Lexie has a very clear, inviting and youthful US accent, particularly great for storytelling and commercial roles targeting young people'
  • Laura EvelynLaura Evelyn
    des : Laura has a fantastically fresh, young, natural sounding voice' She delivers with great energy and enthusiasm'
  • Lara GoodisonLara Goodison
    des : Lara has a fun and cheeky tone to her voice, particularly suited to young, lifestyle commercials and children's stories'
  • Kirsty HendersonKirsty Henderson
    des : Kirsty has a fantastically versatile voice that can be smooth and sexy or vibrant and bubbly' She's a maestro when it comes to accents and can convincingly pull off almost any UK dialect'
  • Kirsten FosterKirsten Foster
    des : Kirsten has a gorgeous clear tone to her voice and a natural, easy delivery' She can easily switch off her US accent and deliver perfect RP'
  • Julia RightonJulia Righton
    des : Julia has a gorgeously smooth velvety voice that is refined and informative and can also be husky and sexy when the mood takes her'
  • Jude SchweppeJude Schweppe
    des : Jude has a clear, confident, energetic voice with a soft Irish accent that can be dialled up or down depending on the brief' She is very good at talking fast and getting all the words out clearly!
  • Joanna FlayJoanna Flay
    des : Jo has an exceptionally clear voice that is both warm and deliciously bubbly! Her diction is absolutely flawless and there is a wonderful musicality and energy to her delivery'
  • Jennifer HallJennifer Hall
    des : Jennifer has a fantastically bright, cheerful voice with lots of energy and vitality' She's ideal for the younger 18-30 market but also has a maturity to her voice'
  • Isla CarterIsla Carter
    des : Isla has a naturally bright and cheeky tone to her voice which is extremely adaptable'
  • Imogen ConnollyImogen Connolly
    des : mogen has a fresh, cool, clear and wonderfully friendly voice' Perfect for brands and products targeting the 18-30 market, she can sound contemporary and edgy or down to earth and engaging'
  • Gilda WaughGilda Waugh
    des : Gilda has a wonderfully rich, mature voice that can be bright and bubbly or husky and sexy' Her delivery is confident and persuasive'
  • Gigi RobartsGigi Robarts
    des : Gigi is a very experienced voice artist having worked extensively in the UK and US' She has a rich, sophisticated voice with natural sparkle and energy'
  • Georgia WintersGeorgia Winters
    des : Georgia has a smooth, calming voice with an easy delivery'
  • Evie EvansEvie Evans
    des : Evie has a light and youthful tone to her voice and an engagingly breathy delivery' She shows a good instinct in terms of how to play with tone, accent and words'
  • Sara GraySara Gray
    des : Sara has a soft northern accent, and clear, warm delivery, perfect for everything from TV promo to documentary'
  • Erica Thomas LoweErica Thomas Lowe
    des : Erica has a rich, velvety voice that is full of depth and character' She brings real gravitas to any script and also has a wonderfully playful side which is perfectly suited to comedy'
  • Stephanie RacineStephanie Racine
    des : Stephanie has a gorgeously husky and rich quality to her voice and has a very natural international US accent as well as her native RP'
  • Dotty KultysDotty Kultys
    des : Dotty is a native of Poland and when not conversing in her mother tongue speaks with a clear, confident RP' Her voice is naturally bright with great energy and clarity'
  • Sue BrodieSue Brodie
    des : Sue has an incredibly warm, rich, cheerful voice with great depth and character' She is a native of Manchester with a wonderfully musical accent that is very easy on the ear'
  • Suzi PerrySuzi Perry
    des : Suzi is the face of BBC One’s Formula 1, becoming the first permanent female anchor' Suzi has a natural, upbeat tone to her voice'
  • Tess MawleTess Mawle
    des : Tess has a lovely calming voice that you could listen to all day' Her delivery is clear, confident and reassuring'
  • Dawn MurphyDawn Murphy
    des : Dawn has a beautifully clear voice with a smooth, confident delivery' She is the IVR voice for M&S; and Aviva and has extensive audiobook experience'
  • Claire WyattClaire Wyatt
    des : Claire has a superbly clear, confident voice that is both warm and trustworthy' She loves doing character voices and has done lots of them for Doctor Who'
  • Charlie MudieCharlie Mudie
    des : Charlie's soft Scottish accent adds a wonderful musicality and warmth to her voice, which brings a genuine quality to her delivery'
  • Anna BoltonAnna Bolton
    des : Anna has a wonderfully warm, bright and engaging voice with a light North East accent than she can dial up or down depending on how 'Geordie Shore' you need her to go!
  • Alyssa KyriaAlyssa Kyria
    des : Alyssa has a gorgeously smooth tone and was recently the voice of the Jordan's Cereal national TV campaign'
  • Abigail HalleyAbigail Halley
    des : Abigail has a wonderfully warm and bright voice that is full of fun and is just right if you’re looking for that ‘young Mum next door’ sound' She also does great character voices'