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  • Angeli FitchAngeli Fitch
    des : A native of the US, Angeli's voice is confident, clear and very engaging' She's great for everything from commercial to corporate to documentary and works from her own professional studio'
  • Murray McArthurMurray McArthur
    des : Murray has a wonderfully warm and engaging voice with natural warmth and energy' Great for all kinds of documentary, including young people's telly!
  • Rik ScottRik Scott
    des : Rik has a wonderfully resonant and rich voice with a very confident, clear and impactful delivery' A great choice for everything from commercials to documentary'
  • Jonathan ClaysJonathan Clays
    des : Jonathan is a hugely versatile voiceover artist who can handle just about any brief you throw at him, from corporate to character voices to prime time TV gameshow host!
  • Jo DysonJo Dyson
    des : Joanne has a beautifully clear, fresh, engaging voice with a natural talent for both commercial and documentary delivery'
  • Craig Van NessCraig Van Ness
    des : A native of the US and now based in the UK, Craig has a hugely versatile and easy to listen to voice with natural energy and charisma'
  • Matt JamieMatt Jamie
    des : Matt has a gorgeously smooth, deep voice with a naturally relaxed and calming delivery'
  • Matt SuttonMatt Sutton
    des : Matt has a wonderfully warm, friendly engaging voice with a soft Northern accent that can be dialled up or down as needs be' His delivery is clear and confident and he's a smashing chap to boot!
  • Michael J. HayesMichael J. Hayes
    des : Michael is a native of the US with a wonderfully warm, rich voice and an easy, laid back style of delivery' He has that rare ability to make every script sound natural and unforced'
  • Mike RogersMike Rogers
    des : Mike has a wonderfully rich, mellifluous voice that has natural resonance and character' He is a dab hand at character voices and accents and delivers with real warmth'
  • Morgan JamesMorgan James
    des : A native of Wales, Morgan's voice is naturally smooth, warm and calming' He has a clear, precise delivery with just a hint of a Welsh accent that's great for narration'
  • Nick GylawNick Gylaw
    des : Nick has a hugely versatile voice and specialises in a range of fantastic characters and impersonations' When he's not busy perfecting his Jose Mourinho his natural voice is rich, warm and engaging'
  • Oliver FordOliver Ford
    des : Oliver is the genuine 'cheeky chappy' with a natural south London accent' His style is great for men's lifestyle and informative ads'
  • Paul Dean-KellyPaul Dean-Kelly
    des : How to sum up Paul's voice? It can literally be whatever you want it to be' He has mastered everything from the cool documentary read to commercials, TV continuity, promo and characters'
  • Perdita LawtonPerdita Lawton
  • Pete McCamleyPete McCamley
    des : Pete has a contemporary, upbeat, commercial-sounding voice with a hint of Northern' His voice is naturally relaxed and warm'
  • Philip J SmithPhilip J Smith
    des : Philip has a very natural, easy delivery and a wonderfully rich and smooth tone' His background is as a Series Producer responsible for shows such as 'Great British Menu' for the BBC'
  • Philip SimonPhilip Simon
    des : Philip is an award winning stand up comedian has a very inviting, approachable, easy to listen to voice that is full of warmth and charm'
  • Rebecca TraversRebecca Travers
    des : Rebecca has a lovely soft, musical voice that is warm and friendly and great for a younger target market'
  • Rich SweetmanRich Sweetman
  • Richard AntonyRichard Antony
    des : Richard has a smooth, deep tone and a calm, authoritative delivery' His neutral accent makes him a very adaptable artist'
  • Rob GoldstoneRob Goldstone
    des : Rob has an energetic and compassionate voice, and his wonderfully natural and clear delivery makes him a great choice for continuity, commercial and narrative briefs'
  • Robert MaskellRobert Maskell
    des : Robert has a luxuriously deep, husky voice with real charm and character' His delivery is clear and compelling and his natural RP is very easy on the ear'
  • Robert TruscottRobert Truscott
    des : Rob has a fantastically versatile voice with great depth and resonance for everything from narrative to commercials and video games' He recently voiced Planet Earth II for the international market' Ask to hear the demo!
  • Ronnie McCannRonnie McCann
    des : Ronnie has a friendly, reassuring voice that is naturally relaxed and musical' His native Glaswegian accent can be dialled up or down depending on the brief'
  • Rory O’HanlonRory O’Hanlon
    des : A native of Dublin and a successful stand up comedian here in the UK, Rory has great energy and warmth to his voice with a naturally upbeat and easy delivery'
  • Rupert BushRupert Bush
    des : Rupert has a gorgeously smooth, rich tone and a confident, genuine delivery'
  • Ruth RedmanRuth Redman
    des : Ruth has a wonderfully clear voice that is light, very easy on the ear and relaxing to listen to' She has a lovely warm tone with natural RP and her delivery is natural and reassuring'
  • Ryan LaccoheeRyan Laccohee
    des : Ryan has a very versatile voice and is comfortable with 'young and trendy' and 'old and wise'' His voice credits include ASDA, IKEA, Paddy Power, NHS, 888 Poker amongst many others'
  • Ryan MacLeanRyan MacLean
  • Sam HeydonSam Heydon
    des : Sam has an incredibly versatile voice and is just as happy doing brilliant character voices as straight narrative reads'
  • Matt CowlrickMatt Cowlrick
    des : Matt has a brilliant range of character voices, tones and styles and delivers them all with bundles of energy' His native accent is Australian but his US accent is pretty spot on'
  • Martin AustinMartin Austin
    des : Martin's south London accent brings a great energy and genuineness to his delivery and can be dialled up or down making him a very adaptable artist'
  • Lucy CuddenLucy Cudden
    des : Lucy has a smooth, sophisticated voice with natural warmth and energy' She can sound super sexy or girl next door and her delivery is beautifully clear and unforced'
  • Lucinda LloydLucinda Lloyd
    des : Lucinda has a beautifully rich velvety voice and delivers with precision and wonderful clarity' If you're looking for a sophisticated and classic voice, then look no further'
  • Lily HowkinsLily Howkins
    des : Lily has a refreshingly cool and gentle tone with a crystal clear delivery' Her voice is extremely inviting, engaging the listener immediately'
  • Lexie McDougallLexie McDougall
    des : Lexie has a very clear, inviting and youthful US accent, particularly great for storytelling and commercial roles targeting young people'
  • Laura EvelynLaura Evelyn
    des : Laura has a fantastically fresh, young, natural sounding voice' She delivers with great energy and enthusiasm'
  • Lara GoodisonLara Goodison
    des : Lara has a fun and cheeky tone to her voice, particularly suited to young, lifestyle commercials and children's stories'
  • Kirsty HendersonKirsty Henderson
    des : Kirsty has a fantastically versatile voice that can be smooth and sexy or vibrant and bubbly' She's a maestro when it comes to accents and can convincingly pull off almost any UK dialect'
  • Kirsten FosterKirsten Foster
    des : Kirsten has a gorgeous clear tone to her voice and a natural, easy delivery' She can easily switch off her US accent and deliver perfect RP'
  • Julia RightonJulia Righton
    des : Julia has a gorgeously smooth velvety voice that is refined and informative and can also be husky and sexy when the mood takes her'
  • Jude SchweppeJude Schweppe
    des : Jude has a clear, confident, energetic voice with a soft Irish accent that can be dialled up or down depending on the brief' She is very good at talking fast and getting all the words out clearly!
  • Jonathan JaynesJonathan Jaynes
    des : Jonathan has a rich, resonant tone with an engaging and trustworthy delivery, and a friendly hint of a northern accent!
  • Joanna FlayJoanna Flay
    des : Jo has an exceptionally clear voice that is both warm and deliciously bubbly! Her diction is absolutely flawless and there is a wonderful musicality and energy to her delivery'
  • Jennifer HallJennifer Hall
    des : Jennifer has a fantastically bright, cheerful voice with lots of energy and vitality' She's ideal for the younger 18-30 market but also has a maturity to her voice'
  • J. Michael CollinsJ. Michael Collins
    des : If you're looking for 'The Voice', you've found it! J' Michael has an incredibly rich, resonant and commanding voice that works just as well for movie trailers as it does for serious documentaries'
  • Izaak CainerIzaak Cainer
    des : Izaak has a trustworthy and characterful tone to his voice, he's also a dab hand at accents'
  • Isla CarterIsla Carter
    des : Isla has a naturally bright and cheeky tone to her voice which is extremely adaptable'
  • Imogen ConnollyImogen Connolly
    des : mogen has a fresh, cool, clear and wonderfully friendly voice' Perfect for brands and products targeting the 18-30 market, she can sound contemporary and edgy or down to earth and engaging'
  • Ifan MeredithIfan Meredith
    des : Ifan is a very experienced and adaptable voiceover artist and has appeared in over 30 Radio Drama productions for BBC Radio 4' He has a warm but confident delivery'
  • Ian RecordonIan Recordon
    des : Ian's voice is very easy on the ear, and he has a relaxed and natural delivery, no doubt helped by his love of long cliff walks and swimming in the sea, whenever he gets the chance'
  • Hilary TownleyHilary Townley
  • Gilda WaughGilda Waugh
    des : Gilda has a wonderfully rich, mature voice that can be bright and bubbly or husky and sexy' Her delivery is confident and persuasive'
  • Gigi RobartsGigi Robarts
    des : Gigi is a very experienced voice artist having worked extensively in the UK and US' She has a rich, sophisticated voice with natural sparkle and energy'
  • Georgia WintersGeorgia Winters
    des : Georgia has a smooth, calming voice with an easy delivery'
  • Gavin MumbyGavin Mumby
    des : Gavin has a naturally bright, energetic voice with a soft Northern accent' He's also super versatile and can adapt to a range of scripts from comedy Bingo to army recruitment'
  • Evie EvansEvie Evans
    des : Evie has a light and youthful tone to her voice and an engagingly breathy delivery' She shows a good instinct in terms of how to play with tone, accent and words'
  • Sara GraySara Gray
    des : Sara has a soft northern accent, and clear, warm delivery, perfect for everything from TV promo to documentary'
  • Erica Thomas LoweErica Thomas Lowe
    des : Erica has a rich, velvety voice that is full of depth and character' She brings real gravitas to any script and also has a wonderfully playful side which is perfectly suited to comedy'
  • Simon VauseSimon Vause
    des : Simon has a rich tone and persuasive delivery' He has a slight hint of a northern accent from his home town of Manchester which adds to the dramatic affect of his voice'
  • Dustin EbaughDustin Ebaugh
    des : Dustin is a hugely experienced voice artist who can turn his vocal chords to pretty much anything the brief calls for'
  • Stephanie RacineStephanie Racine
    des : Stephanie has a gorgeously husky and rich quality to her voice and has a very natural international US accent as well as her native RP'
  • Dotty KultysDotty Kultys
    des : Dotty is a native of Poland and when not conversing in her mother tongue speaks with a clear, confident RP' Her voice is naturally bright with great energy and clarity'
  • Sue BrodieSue Brodie
    des : Sue has an incredibly warm, rich, cheerful voice with great depth and character' She is a native of Manchester with a wonderfully musical accent that is very easy on the ear'
  • Donal CoxDonal Cox
    des : Donal has one of those incredible voices that is instantly recognisable and is full of depth and character' Think Sir Ian McKellen with a gorgeous Irish lilt!
  • Suzi PerrySuzi Perry
    des : Suzi is the face of BBC One’s Formula 1, becoming the first permanent female anchor' Suzi has a natural, upbeat tone to her voice'
  • Tess MawleTess Mawle
    des : Tess has a lovely calming voice that you could listen to all day' Her delivery is clear, confident and reassuring'
  • Tom BerishTom Berish
    des : Tom has a youthful quality to his voice which lends itself to a variety of briefs' He also has a wide repertoire of accents including his native Geordie'
  • Dawn MurphyDawn Murphy
    des : Dawn has a beautifully clear voice with a smooth, confident delivery' She is the IVR voice for M&S; and Aviva and has extensive audiobook experience'
  • Tom JacksonTom Jackson
    des : Tom has a distinctively deep and rich tone, which gives a dramatic and memorable edge to his delivery'
  • David SeddonDavid Seddon
    des : David has a friendly, engaging voice that is very easy to listen to' He is extremely versatile and can handle any script you throw at him from hard sell commercials to corporate and documentary'
  • Tom WardTom Ward
    des : Tom is a hugely versatile voice artist with a range of different styles in his arsenal from the commanding 'movie trailer' voice to a more down to earth and friendly 'plumber next door''
  • David DomaDavid Doma
  • Clifford MilnerClifford Milner
    des : Clifford has a warm, down to earth, friendly voice that is full of character and very easy on the ear' His accent is fairly neutral, though as a native of Liverpool, he can revert to his roots'
  • Claire WyattClaire Wyatt
    des : Claire has a superbly clear, confident voice that is both warm and trustworthy' She loves doing character voices and has done lots of them for Doctor Who'
  • Charlie MudieCharlie Mudie
    des : Charlie's soft Scottish accent adds a wonderful musicality and warmth to her voice, which brings a genuine quality to her delivery'
  • Cameron RobertsonCameron Robertson
    des : Cameron has a wonderfully smooth, deep voice with a very natural, easy to listen to delivery'
  • Cameron JackCameron Jack
    des : A native of Glasgow, Cameron's voice is full of quirky energy and character' He is also a dab hand at Cockney and US'
  • Ashley SlaterAshley Slater
    des : Ashley is originally from California but has been in the UK for long enough to sound almost native! He can pull off most US accents and is a hugely versatile artist with a naturally deep voice'
  • Anna BoltonAnna Bolton
    des : Anna has a wonderfully warm, bright and engaging voice with a light North East accent than she can dial up or down depending on how 'Geordie Shore' you need her to go!
  • Andy CapieAndy Capie
    des : Andy has a wonderfully smooth, assured voice and delivers with real clarity and authority' He is an extremely versatile artist and as a sports commentator is used to thinking on his feet'
  • Andrew FallaizeAndrew Fallaize
    des : Andrew has a clear, fresh, upbeat voice with a lovely rich tone' His delivery ranges from 'calm and reassuring' to 'energetic and upbeat' with quirky and characterful thrown in for good measure too'
  • Alyssa KyriaAlyssa Kyria
    des : Alyssa has a gorgeously smooth tone and was recently the voice of the Jordan's Cereal national TV campaign'
  • Abigail HalleyAbigail Halley
    des : Abigail has a wonderfully warm and bright voice that is full of fun and is just right if you’re looking for that ‘young Mum next door’ sound' She also does great character voices'
  • Adam StevensAdam Stevens